Thursday, October 20, 2011


If I happen to have a car seat in each hand and someone passing by catches my eye, they love to stop and peer into the car seats and get a glimpse of the girls.  Usually they comment on "how cute" they are or "how sweet" or "precious".  Then they look at me and typically ask: "Are you guys getting any sleep?" or "Are they letting you sleep?"

I always feel a bit guilty when I reply with a "Yeah, they've been pretty good." since it is my wonderful wife that is the one getting up and down with them during the wee hours of the AM.  I will occasionally get nudged into diaper duty prior to her feeding one or the other or BOTH...

I know I can only due so much while they are at this stage, so I usually crawl back into bed and have hardly any trouble getting back to sleep.  I usually have no idea what happens between that time and the next feeding, unless, of course, I am nudged again.

I think I owe Debbie about a week or two worth of rest at this point and I am probably only going to dig myself into a deeper hole...  So with that I'll just say: "You are an AMAZING woman and THANK YOU!"

 And of me sleeping...hey at least I have one of the girls in my arms.


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